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We would like to examine one independent business per questionnaire. Such self-contained businesses can be either operational divisions of larger corporations or enterprises in their own right. If your business belongs to a larger corporation, please provide us with information about your operational division or business unit only. Please provide your answers to the questions of the following survey bearing in mind the scope as defined in the above:



By clicking on "Start study" we will save the personal and company-identifying data entered on this page on our servers at Fraunhofer IPT exclusively for study evaluation purposes, for contacting you to conduct a more detailed telephone interview in case your company likely qualifies for the "successful practice" award, and to provide your company with a statistical evaluation of the study after its completion. Per request to thomas.schwarberg@ipt.fraunhofer.de we will inform you about all identifying data stored with us concerning you, or delete them. Country of data processing for this registration page is Germany.
By clicking on "Start study" we will connect you to the actual questionnaire residing on servers of our survey service partner. No data allowing identification of you or your company are elicited in this part of the questionnaire. Country of data processing of the questionnaire are the U.S.A.
Combination of questionnaire data with your identifying data entered on this page is exclusively done on computers of Fraunhofer IPT located in Germany.
We guarantee that we will handle your data with absolute confidentiality and that the consortium as well as third parties will get access to anonymized data only. Inference of your company will not be possible based on the results. The presentation of the results will be done exclusively in an anonymous form and on the basis of statistical values of the comparison groups.

Data Protection